The Florida Keys By Land

Mile Marker 0, Key West, Florida Keys
Mile Marker 0 in Key West.

It is almost impossible to get lost in the Keys as U.S. 1 is the only road that travels continuously from island to island. All roads intersecting with U.S. 1 either come to a dead end or bring you back to U.S. 1. When you're in the Keys you will notice little green mile-marker signs (M.M.). The best way to get around the islands is to know the mile marker of your destination. The Keys begin at M.M. 113 and end in Key West with M.M. 0. Think of these mile-markers as addresses and they will help you find your way around in the Keys.

Below is a mile-marker guide for quick reference


Mile Marker
Key Largo 118-90
Islamorada 90-63
Marathon 63-47
Big Pine Key 47-4
Key West 4-0

Whether driving a car, scooter or another mode of transportation, you're sure to enjoy traveling around and experiencing all the Florida Keys has to offer.